Joy Brennan

"Being, Non-Being and the Path To Awakening in Mind-only Buddhist Thought"

My dissertation takes a philosophical approach to a set of ancient texts belonging to a religious tradition that is still comparatively foreign and unknown within our culture. For these reasons, making sense of my topic to a contemporary audience is difficult. I look forward to participating in the Marty Junior Fellowship because I hope that the challenge of presenting my work to other fellows and to the public will help me find ways to make my writing and thinking as clear and relevant as it can be. In addition, I participated in the Brauer seminar on translation (also sponsored by the Marty Center) in the Spring of 2012, and it was really fun to be exposed to the work of students researching a wide variety of texts and traditions. I expect that the Marty Fellowship will also foster this kind of invigorating exchange.

Joy Brennan works in the Philosophy of Religions area.