Jason Cather


Over the course of the year, I will be working toward the completion of a draft of my dissertation on the ontological argument.  My research develops a point of intersection between contemporary modal metaphysics and neoclassical metaphysics as a way of responding to objections against the argument. Since it aims at initiating a conversation between two philosophical camps, my work has two audiences with whom it must communicate. This approach requires that the arguments be intelligible to both audiences, rather than falling into the argot of either camp. This is a natural extension of a principle which guides the University on the whole -- that we are all accountable to a larger community of scholars.


In keeping with my experience at the Divinity School, the MMC challenges us with accountability -- to one another in the form of presenting our work in the seminar, to our students as we take on the mantle of teachers, and to a public audience as we present our research at the annual conference. I am especially honored by the chance to serve as an audience for my fellow fellows, and to have my own scholarship enriched through conversation with them.