International Association of Black Religions and Spiritualities 2011 Meeting

From May 22 to May 28, 2011, the International Association of Black Religions and Spiritualities (IABRS) will be holding its world business meeting at Swift Hall. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the IABRS is a 14 country network created by Dwight N. Hopkins (Professor of Theology, University of Chicago Divinity School). Each of the 14 countries will send two delegates, one male and one female. The countries include England (black Britons), South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Ghana, Hawaii (Native Hawaiians), Fiji, Australia (Aboriginals), Japan (Burakumin), India (Dalits), Brazil (Afro-Brazilians), Cuba (Afro-Cubans), Jamaica, and USA (black Americans). The network is comprised of world spiritualities such as African traditional religions, Aboriginal spiritualities, Dalit religions, humanists, Christians, and other forms and blendings of indigenous spiritualities and self-cultivation practices. The purpose of the IABRS is to build people-to-people relationships by focusing most of its attention on international youth and student exchanges. After the publication of its first book, Another World Is Possible: Spiritualities and Religions of Global Darker Peoples (London, England: Equinox Publishing) the network is currently working on a new text underscoring new ways of doing missions broadly defined -- the notion of visiting other countries to be missionized by the host nation.

Scheduled public events include:

1. Tuesday, May 24th lecture by Edward P. Antonio (Zimbabwe delegate. Harvey H. Potthoff Associate Professor of Theology and Social Theory at Iliff School of Theology) on "The Best of the Theological West and the Best of the Rest". Respondent: Dwight N. Hopkins (USA delegate. Professor of Theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School). 3rd floor lecture hall, 4pm to 5:30pm.

2. Wednesday, May 25th, 4pm to 6pm, panel: "Global Religious Education" - Marjorie Lewis (Jamaica delegate. President, United Theological College of the West Indies); Anthony Reddie (England delegate. Research Fellow in Black Theology at the Queens Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education); Richard Rosengarten (Associate Professor of Religion and Literature, University of Chicago Divinity School); and Willemien Otten (Professor of the Theology and History of Christianity, University of Chicago Divinity School). 3rd floor lecture hall, 4pm to 6pm.

3. Thursday, May 26th, 4pm to 6pm panel: "Global Religious Education" -- James Massey (India delegate. Director, Centre for Dalit/Subaltern Studies), Anne Pattel-Gray (Australia delegate; Chief Executive Officer, Ngaran Goori Limited), Soki Yamashita (Japan delegate. Doshisha School of Theology), and Madipoane Masenya (South Africa delegate. Chair of the Department of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, University of South Africa). 3rd floor lecture hall, 4pm to 6pm.