Gaspar Martinez, Senior Fellow

Senior Fellow

Gaspar Martinez is a professor of theology at the Facultad de Teología de Vitoria (Basque Country), where he teaches Eschatology, Spiritual Theology, and History of Religions, as well as other courses and seminars for graduate students. Always interested in issues related both to the interplay between religion and culture, and to contextual theology, he is planning to develop a research project while at the MMC, focused on the category of inculturation and on the impact of the new technological developments (AI and everything related to it), on Christianity in general and on Roman Catholic theology in particular.

An alumnus of the Divinity School (PhD'97), he is looking forward to coming back to the rich environment of the University of Chicago and to profiting from the numberless intellectual stimuli such an environment provides. He sees his Fellowship at MMC as a great opportunity to interact with and learn from the rest of the fellows and their diverse projects and interests.