Eschatology and Moral Order: Schedule



Monday, March 31st

Noon-1:00pm Registration

1:00-2:30pm Opening Plenary: Oliver O'Donovan, University of Edinburgh: "Ethics and the Future I: The Critique of Anticipation"

2:45-4:30pm 1st Round of Panels

Eschatology and Society
(Third Floor Lecture Hall) - Prof. Randall Zachman, University of Notre Dame (Chair)

Eschatology and Society in St Augustine - Daniel Strand, University of Chicago

A Friendly Loving of God: Sociality and Eschatology in Thomas Aquinas - Michael LeChevallier, University of Chicago

The Trinity as Our Eschatological Program?: The Possibilities and Limits of Trinitarian Theology for Socio-Political Life - Samuel Martinez, Yale University

Liturgy and Praxis
(Common Room) - Prof. Todd Whitmore, University of Notre Dame (Chair)

Rest in Peace: Heschel and Yoder on the Sabbath - Russell Johnson, University of Chicago

¡Presente!: Eschatological Memories and Political Praxis - Kyle Lambelet, University of Notre Dame

4:30-4:45pm Coffee Break

4:45-6:30pm Panels - 2nd Round of Panels

Modern German Theology 
(Third Floor Lecture Hall) - Prof. Kevin Hector, University of Chicago (Chair)

From Apocalyptic to the Absolute: Troeltsch, Kant, and Eschatology - Evan Kuehn, University of Chicago

Sacraments or Ethics in Eschatology? The Dissolution of a False Dichotomy - Jonathan Ciraulo, University of Notre Dame

Johann Baptist Metz on Evolution and Eschatology -- Dylan Belton, University of Notre Dame

Eschatology in Biblical and Historical Context
(Common Room) - Prof. Michael Cover, Valparaiso University (Chair)

The Downfall of Darkness: A Canonical and Theological Reading of 1 John 3:8c -  Fr. Matthew Olver, Marquette University

Apocalyptic Peace in Romans: An Exploration of the Relationship between Peace-Making and God’s Cosmic Redemption with Implications for Apocalyptic Theology - Mary Schmitt, Princeton Theological Seminary

The Compatibility of Balthasar’s Holy Saturday and Benedictus Deus -  Fr. Aaron Pidel, University of Notre Dame

6:45pm - Speakers Dinner, Common Room

Tuesday, April 1st

10-11:45am 3rd Round of Panels

Political Theology
(Third Floor Lecture Hall) - Prof. William Schweiker, University of Chicago (Chair)

Imaging an Absent Christ: Political Theology in Light of the Ascension - Davey Henreckson, Princeton University

Attesting to Jesus or Realizing the Kingdom: The Difficulty of Reading Karl Barth’s Political Theology Toward Noncomformity - Jeff Morgan, University of Notre Dame

Works that Glisten: Exploring the Disjuncture between Reformed Ethics and Eschatology - John Sianghio, University of Chicago

Eschatology and Hope 
(Common Room) - Prof. Ryan Coyne, University of Chicago (Chair)

Hope and the Hiddenness of God: Reflections on the Suffering God in light of Martin Luther’s Bondage of the Will - Timothy Hiller, University of Chicago

To What End a Corpse: The Messianc Challenge of Walter Benjamin and the Apocalypticism of Hans Urs Von Balthasar - Kristen Drahos, University of Notre Dame

Love Reconsoled: Why Eschatology is Not a Distraction - David Elliot, University of Notre Dame

12NOON-1:30pm Lunch

1:30-3:15pm 4th Round of Panels

Eschatological Responsibility
(Third Floor Lecture Hall) - Prof. Neil Arner, University of Notre Dame (Chair)

‘There is no escape': Bonhoeffer on Otherworldliness, Messianic Secularism, and Eschatological Responsibility - Andrew Decort, University of Chicago

Ecological Responsibility as Infralapsarian Reality - David Barr, University of Chicago

Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Ethics of Ultimate Responsibility - Dallas Gingles, Southern Methodist University

Contemporary Issues
(Common Room) - Prof. Daniel Sulmasy, University of Chicago (Chair)

Eschatology and the Arab Spring: Al-Khasibi’s Vision of Alawite Messianism - Jawad Qureshi, University of Chicago

Peacebuilding, Time, and Eschatology - Janna Hunter-Bowman, University of Notre Dame

Of Heavenly Bodies and Earthly Bodies: The Presence of Impairment in Resurrected Bodies and the Impact on Social Ethics - Lorraine Cuddeback, University of Notre Dame

3:15-3:30pm Break


3:30-5pm Closing Plenary: Oliver O’Donovan, Ethics and the Future II: The End of Action 

5-5:15pm Closing Remarks

5:30-7pm Reception, Common Room