Eschatology and Moral Order

Adoration of the Lamb

A Joint University of Chicago and University of Notre Dame Graduate Student Conference

University of Chicago Divinity School, Swift Hall
March 31st –April 1st, 2014


From apocalyptic visions of the prophets of Israel, to the proclamation of Jesus and the early church that the Kingdom had come, up to the recovery of eschatology in 20th century theology and the contemporary focus on apocalyptic as a fundamental category in theology, eschatology has become a dominant concern in our current theological landscape.  In this conference we will explore the ways, both historically and at present, eschatology shapes and determines the various aspects of the moral life in both conceptual and practical spheres.  In the spirit of past joint student conferences between Notre Dame and University of Chicago Divinity students, we seek to bring together graduate students in the areas of ethics, theology, and other related fields to submit papers addressing the relationship and importance of eschatology for moral order.

Keynote Speaker:
Oliver O'DonovanOliver O’Donovan, Professor Emeritus, Christian Ethics and Practical Theology
University of Edinburgh







Conference organizers: Michael LeChevallier, Jeff Morgan, Elisabeth Kincaid, and Daniel Strand.

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Registration is encouraged, but not required.

Free and open to the public.

David Barr, University of Chicago
Dylan Belton, University of Notre Dame
Jonathan Ciraulo, University of Notre Dame
Lorraine Cuddeback, University of Notre Dame
Andrew Decort, University of Chicago
Kristen Drahos, University of Notre Dame
David Elliot, University of Notre Dame
Dallas Gingles, Southern Methodist University
Timothy Hiller, University of Chicago
David Henreckson, Princeton University
Janna Hunter-Bowman, University of Notre Dame
Russell Johnson, University of Chicago
Evan Kuehn, University of Chicago
Michael LeChevallier, University of Chicago
Kyle Lambelet, University of Notre Dame
David Lattimore, University of Chicago
Samuel Martinez, Yale University
Jeffrey Morgan, University of Notre Dame
Matthew Olver, Marquette University
Aaron Pidel, University of Notre Dame
Jawad Anwar Qureshi, University of Chicago
Mary Schmitt, Princeton Theological Seminary
John Sianghio, University of Chicago
Daniel Strand, University of Chicago