Elizabeth Sweeny Block

(Ethics) “The Virtue of Conscience: Reclaiming the Significance of Freedom of Conscience for the Formation of Moral Identity”

I am so pleased to be a Martin Marty Junior Fellow and so grateful for the opportunity to learn from the varied perspectives of my colleagues. In particular, and in line with one of the program's main goals, I look forward to developing a greater ability to communicate theological ideas to a wide audience, both in the fellowship seminars and in the undergraduate course that I am teaching. In writing a dissertation on conscience and the labor of forming one's moral identity, I am eager to make my argument accessible to many and to incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives, and I anticipate that the conversations in the fellowship seminars will be instrumental in helping me to do this. Additionally, as I teach undergraduates new to theological ethics, my aim is to introduce them to the value of bringing religious resources to bear on moral problems. The Marty Center will provide a collegial environment in which to advance my project, to learn from the projects of others, and to articulate my research so that it is accessible to a diverse audience.