Elina Hartikainen

“Ritual Hierarchy, Secrecy, and Public Discourse: Forming an African Religious Public in Brazil”

As a Marty Fellow I look forward to discussing my dissertation research on religious and racial politics among Candomblé practitioners in Brazil with a multi-disciplinary group of scholars of religion. Over the year I will be writing the first chapters of my dissertation, which examine Candomblé practitioners’ conceptions of and engagements with varying forms of publicity and publics, including the representation of connections to public persons by ritual means, media depictions of the religion and practitioners’ use of different media to promote their status as religious experts. The opportunity to share this work with fellows approaching religious phenomena from a variety of theoretical perspectives will certainly enrich my thinking and writing on the relationship between religiously grounded political action and worldview. I also look forward to the opportunities the Marty fellowship provides for thinking about how to present and contextualize my research to different interested audiences beyond academia.

Department of Anthropology