Elena Lloyd-Sidle

Junior Fellow
My project investigates the links between spiritual bypassing and “toxic whiteness” through the lens of theological anthropology. The aim is to glean a path forward for a 21st century North American spirituality that is grounded in context, that takes seriously how power dynamics and privilege affect our knowing, that highlights various forms of connectivity, and that cracks open the false insulation of toxic white knowing, being, and living.  
I see this fellowship as an opportunity to step out of the necessary solitude of the writing process and back into the fruitful space of giving and receiving interdisciplinary feedback. As a Marty fellow, I look forward to familiarizing myself with the projects of my University of Chicago colleagues, to sharing my own work with them, and to taking the time to carefully workshop each others’ chapters. My work has often benefited from discussions around UofC seminar tables, and I look forward to seeing how we might support each others’ work and writing processes.