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  • The fourth-floor lounge in Swift Hall offers a quiet study space.

Divinity Students Association

The Divinity Students Association (DSA) is an organization run by and for University of Chicago Divinity School students. The organization attempts to contribute to many spheres of life in the Divinity School: academic, professional, and social.  Above all else, the DSA is committed to fostering a true community of Divinity students from every degree program.  

DSA funds student academic clubs: one for each area of concentrations and many others sparked and organized by students according to their interests. In addition to the basic needs of these clubs, DSA also funds events and conferences, like the Alternative Epistemologies speaker series. Expanded edowment funding will now cover travel to domestic and international academic conferences, professional membership fees, and professional development activities.

DSA sponsors a (free!) coffee hour on Mondays during the academic year. 

In addition, DSA makes available a limited amount of funding for students participating in international conferences.

Once each quarter, DSA hosts an early-evening social event in Swift Commons, providing beverages and refreshments for book-weary students. Other events, such as quarterly pub nights and orientation events, also contribute to student life and comraderie outside of the classroom.

To receive information about DSA events and activities, write to contactdsa@lists.uchicago.edu | visit dsa.uchicago.edu.

DSA Board 2018-2019
Nicole Yan, Funding Chairperson
Matt Johnson, Grad Council Representative
Victoria Wick, Treasurer
Blaize Gervais, Vice President
Derek Buyan, President
Amelia Parker, Secretary

2017-2018 academic year: President, Erin Simmonds, Vice President Hannah Fitch, Secretary Rachel Carbonara, Treasurer Derek Buyan, GSA Representatives 
Shelly Tilton and Blaize Gervais; 2016-2017 academic year:  President Caroline Anglim, Vice President Hannah Fitch, Secretary Erin Simmonds, Treasurer Logan Westmoreland. Graduate Council Representatives:  Matt Peterson and Rachel Carbonara. 2015-2016 academic year: President Cam Ferguson, VP Caroline Anglim, Secretary Drew Kerr, Treasurer Virginia White, and Graduate Council Representative Matt Peterson. 2014-2015 academic year:  President Sara-Jo Swiatek, VP Jem Jebbia, Secretary Marcella Wilkinson, and Treasurer Elijah Kindred. Jenae Gurley, Graduate Council Representative.
Why Chicago?

Sara-Jo Swiatek, PhD student in Religious Ethics and Past President of the Divinity Students Association, discusses the venues for collaboration in the Divinity School and University.

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Student Health Advisory Board
The Student Health Advisory Board (SHAB) is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, Deans of Students, and Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) Leadership. Its purpose is to work collaboratively on issues concerning university student health, counseling, wellness, and insurance. Every third year SHAB will give particular attention to reviewing the insurance plan options for the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP). The board will meet 2-3 times each quarter during the academic year. Students on the board solicit and report student feedback on insurance and SHCS with the intent of informing the development of the SHCS Strategic Plan and wellness programming. SHAB students also serve as ambassadors to the student body to deliver messages that the committee feels are important. Additionally, feel free to contact your student representative with questions and concerns related to SHCS and/or U-SHIP insurance.