Jiangyang Dong

Jiangyang Dong


Martin Marty Center Fellow Senior Fellow, 2019-2020

I am a Professor of the Study of Christianity in the Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciencesin Beijing, China.

I am on a sabbatical year leave from my home institution and want to use it to make progress in writing my book, which is about a critical rethinking of Church-State relations in America; my emphasis is on thought, culture, society and comparison, with special attention given to  potential meanings toward China. In my home institution, my study is limited by methodology, lack of information, and scarcities of dialogues and communications.

I am excited to be a visitor scholar at The University of Chicago, using the library and other facilities to engage in research and writing; meeting with students and faculty to discuss issues of mutual interest; attending lectures and conferences that are of interest, etc.
 I very much look forward to situating my research within a broader cultural frame of reference by participating in the fellows’ Seminars, which really represents a wide array of academic approaches and interests.