Emily D. Crews

Emily D. Crews


Faculty Divinity School Teaching Fellow in the Divinity School and the College

Emily D. Crews is a historian of religions who studies the relationship between religion and issues of gender, the female reproductive body, and practices around fertility, pregnancy, and mothering. She addresses these issues through historical and ethnographic research on global Christianities, the religions of North America, and African religions in Africa and the United States. Her dissertation project examined the ways that Nigerian Pentecostal women living in Chicago negotiate patriarchal, pronatalist, prosperity-centered models of female religious personhood in the context of transnational movement and re-settling. Her current research combines approaches from religious studies, anthropology, and the digital humanities to think through the interaction of evangelicalism and attitudes about the female body and motherhood in American history.

In the classroom Emily’s main goal is to create a radically inclusive community where students learn to think conceptually and collaboratively. She is for known for her love of the phrase “It depends” and answering questions with questions. As a Teaching Fellow, she will offer two courses in the Religious Studies Program: Introduction to the Study of Religion and Religion, Race, and Gender in the (Un)Making of American Mass Incarnation.

Before becoming a Teaching Fellow Emily was a Full Time Teaching Instructor in the Religious Studies Department at the University of Alabama. She is the co-editor of Remembering Jonathan Z. Smith: A Career and Its Consequence (with Russell McCutcheon, 2020) and African Diaspora Religions in 5 Minutes (with Curtis J. Evans, 2022).