Deans' Statement on Intellectual Environment

March 9, 2017

Recent events in the world and at the University prompt us to write to underscore and affirm the Divinity School’s fundamental commitment to fostering an intellectual environment in which students can flourish in their work and make important contributions to scholarship and community.  




 At one and the same time we are committed to the principle of free expression, and we are compelled to take strong action whenever expression constitutes a genuine threat to or harassment of any member of our community. 

In these times the School is especially vigilant regarding statements directed at students of color, lgbtq+ students, trans* students, gender non-conforming students, undocumented, immigrant and international students, Jewish and Muslim students, female students, and differently abled students — these and any members of our community whom we are proud to count in our number and who have been and can be the focus of a type of expression that we must reject.  We expect that all members of our community, beginning with ourselves, will steadfastly reject the targeting of students who affiliate with one or more of these factors of identity.



Richard A. Rosengarten, Dean
Teresa Hord Owens, Dean of Students