The Craft of Teaching

The Craft of Teaching in the Academic Study of Religion aims to create opportunities for students to learn about innovative pedagogical techniques and best practices in the religious studies classroom.

The Craft of Teaching program hosts about twenty events per year ranging from the general mechanics of teaching, issues specific to the religious studies classroom, preparation for the academic job search, and preparation for teaching careers outside of higher education. While students are encouraged to take a variety of workshops, the requirements are based on the workshop levels. Students are required to participate in five introductory workshops and five advanced workshops. Follow this link to learn more about the certificate requirements and the transition from the old to the new requirements.

The first Craft of Teaching workshop was held in the winter quarter of 2012. Shortly after this inaugural event and under the leadership of former Dean Margaret M. Mitchell, John and Jane Colman generously endowed the Craft of Teaching for future generations of students. Since then, the program has hosted more than 150 workshops, serving hundreds of students. After seven years of programming, thirty students have received certification.

Who is eligible to participate?

All graduate students at the university are welcome to participate in Craft of Teaching workshops, but only PhD students at the Divinity School can earn the pedagogy certificate. 


How do I track my progress toward the certificate?

Workshops attendance is reported through the registrar’s website my.uchicago.edu, and the certificate is recorded on the transcript. 


Are Divinity School faculty members involved in the Craft of Teaching?

The Teaching Task Force is a rotating committee of Divinity School faculty and staff who advise the Craft of Teaching program coordinators, choose the recipients of the Divinity School Prize for Excellence in Teaching, and regularly lead workshops. 

Many faculty members regularly lead workshops or provide feedback on student teaching portfolios or presentations.


Looking for other resources? Check these out!

In addition to workshops, the Craft of Teaching manages an education blog: https://craftofteachingreligion.wordpress.com/  Each year, five distinguished alumni educators write about their experiences in the classroom, best practices, and new ideas to advance student learning. The blog also houses a list of online resources and a bibliography for pedagogues.

Students have access to the Craft of Teaching Canvas.edu website. You can see presenter handouts, some event videos, a comprehensive list of teaching opportunities for University of Chicago Divinity School students, and more. 


For more information, please contact: craftofteaching@uchicago.edu

  • Caroline Anglim, PhD Student in Religious Ethics and Coordinator of the Craft of Teaching 
  • Derek Buyan, PhD Student in Religious Ethics and Associate Coordinator in the Craft of Teaching