Email Contacts

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Office of the Dean

James T. Robinson, Dean |

Jaime Jones, Executive Assistant to the Dean |

Suzanne Riggle, Associate Dean for Finance and Administration | 

Sara Bigger, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Strategic Initiatives | 

Irema Halilovic, Operations Administrator | 

Bill Geraci, Technology Coordinator |

Degree Program Directors

Erin Galgay Walsh,  
Director of the Undergraduate Studies Program |
Erika Dornfeld, Director of Field Education and Community Engagement |
Richard Rosengarten, Director of Doctoral Studies |
Cynthia Lindner, Director of Ministry Studies |
Jeffrey Stackert, Director of MA Studies |

Office of the Dean of Students

Anita Lumpkin, Associate Dean of Students |
Miriam Maduff, Assistant Dean of Students |

Office of External Relations 

Terren Wein,
Director of Communications and Public Relations |

Madison McClendon, Assistant Director of Development |

Martin Marty Center

Brie Loskota
, Executive Director |

Emily Crews

Tiffany Annett, Programs and Events Managers |

Lauren Pond, Digital Media Manager |

Willemien Otten, Faculty Director |

Alireza Doostdar, Faculty Direcrtor |