Conference Archive 2000-2005

India.gifIndia: Implementing Pluralism and Democracy
November 11 November 13, 2005


BlackWomanist.jpgBlack Theology and Womanist Theology in Dialogue: Which Way Forward for the Church and the Academy?
October 31 November 4, 2005

CommemoratingDead.jpgCommemorating the Dead: Texts and Artifacts in Context 
May 22-24, 2005


Religion and the Democratic Prospect
May 12-13, 2005

EthicsClub.jpg2005 Ethics Club Lecture Series — Politics, Virtue, and Theology: Limits and Horizons
April 14, 2005 (and subsequent Thursdays)





ContemporaryBody.jpgFearfully and Wonderfully Made: Contemporary Reflections on the Body
April 8, 2005, 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Swift Hall





Religion and the Democratic Prospect Book Discussion
February 10–11, 2005
Jeffrey Stout, Democracy and Tradition (Princeton University Press, 2004).

Religion and the Democratic Prospect
May 6-7, 2004

Religion and the Democratic Prospect Book Discussion
February 12–13, 2004
W.A.R. Shadid, ed., Religious Freedom and the Neutrality of the State: The Position of Islam in the European Union(Peeters, 2002).

The Poetic Imagination and Mysticism: The Poetry and Scholarship of Gershom Scholem 
February 1-2, 2004

Religion and the Democratic Prospect 
November 6-7, 2003

HumanityBeforeGod.jpgHumanity before God: Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics
The 2003 D. R. Sharpe Lectures on Social Ethics
October 21-23, 2003


WomenAmerican.jpgWomen and American Religion: Reimagining the Past
October 8-10, 2003





Pew Forum Conference on Theology, Morality, and Public Life
February 26-27, 2003

DoingJustice.jpgDoing Justice to Mercy: Contemporary Problems and Prospects for Criminal Justice 
April 12-13, 2002


TimeofTurmoil.jpgEthics in a Time of Turmoil
April 5-6, 2002




A Call for Reckoning: Religion and the Death Penalty
January 25, 2002

Marriage: Is it Just a Piece of Paper? (A project of the Religion, Culture, and Family Project)
Winter 2001

PropertyPosession.jpgHaving: Property and Possession in Religious and Social Life
October 26-27, 2000



SacredSovereign.jpgThe Sacred and the Sovereign: Human Rights, the Use of Force, and Religious Pluralism at Century's Dawn
October 20, 2000