Chloe Blackshear


I am thrilled to be joining the Martin Marty Center. During the coming year, I hope to make significant progress on my dissertation, which focuses on the late 20th-century re-imaginings of biblical stories. In particular, my project treats recent fictions based on David’s narrative in 1 and 2 Samuel and explores relations between Hebrew Bible scholarship and literary adaptation. 

 I am grateful for the opportunity the MMC provides to engage with many kinds of scholars of religion and to see my work differently as I frame it for new audiences. I believe that by examining the way modern authors negotiate the multiple religious, historical, and literary legacies of David’s text, my research can contribute to an important conversation about the role of biblical narrative in our times. What does this secular return to sacred texts, treated in an unorthodox manner but with attentive and scholarly devotion, signal in our biblical culture?  I am honored to explore such issues with the MMC community and I look forward to contributing the language of Comparative Literature to a rich dialogue around religion.