Chime Lama

MA Student


Why did you choose to attend the University of Chicago Divinity School?

I chose to attend the University of Chicago Divinity School because of its excellent faculty in the field of Buddhist Studies.

What is your area of study, and what are you working on at the moment?

Within the field of Buddhist Studies I focus on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and its practices. I study the Tibetan language and translate classical, scriptural, and contemporary works as well as poetry among others. Currently, I am working on a translation of a contemporary fictional text entitled gtsug gyu, or "The Turquoise Crown." 

What are, or have been, the highlights of your time at the Divinity School so far?

I have learned a great deal in the short time I have been at the Divinity School. The rigorous course work and the swift pace of the quarter system keeps class dynamic and engaging. Although classes may feel demanding I have found that professors are willing to help and classmates are happy to discuss the material and ideas with one another. My most enjoyable experiences have been getting to know the excellent people that make up the Divinity School community. 

What activities (co-curricular extra-curricular, otherwise) do you participate in outside of your coursework?

Besides coursework I play music (guitar, Tibetan guitar, bass etc.), draw comics, do various martial arts, play badminton, jog outside and write. I take part in a Buddhist Study group that meets on Sundays at Bond Chapel and I am a member of the student organization Alchemy in Color. 

How do you like living in Chicago?

I enjoy living in Hyde Park. It is clean, safe and right by the lake. I think it provides an ideal environment for studying while being close to downtown Chicago and its urban attractions.

What’s your favorite thing about Hyde Park?

My favorite thing about Hyde Park is the lake. I enjoy walking or jogging by it and feeling the cool currents of air that blow right off the water. It is beautiful to see the sparkling lights of the city across the lake at night. I hope to spend more time there as the weather gets warmer.

What do you plan to do after graduating from the Divinity School?

After graduating from the Divinity School I hope to work in the field of Buddhism or Buddhist Studies. I intend to continue to develop my skills as a translator, and I hope to translate Tibetan texts and oral teachings. I may choose to apply to PhD programs as well, and I am interested in teaching Buddhist Studies and Tibetan in an academic setting or otherwise.