Brandon Cline

Petition and Propaganda in Ancient Rome: Justin Martyr's Apologies in their Roman Imperial Context

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the work of the Marty Center and eager to contribute to its mission of fostering interdisciplinary inquiry and engagement with wider publics.  My dissertation, "Petition and Propaganda in Ancient Rome: Justin Martyr's Apologies in their Roman Imperial Context," seeks to demonstrate how Justin, in his so-called First and Second Apologies, adopts and manipulates the genre of the imperial petition, a procedural instrument of ancient Roman government.  As a Marty fellow, in addition to critical feedback on my research, I look forward to interdisciplinary interaction with colleagues and Senior Fellows, which will be important preparation for my future work in academic departments with scholars from different fields.  The program's professionalization and mentoring will be the ideal capstone to my graduate training, as will the encouragement and preparation it provides participants to relate their scholarly research to wider publics and to broad and contemporary issues.  Finally, the program's attention to teaching appeals to my own passion of the classroom, and I am anxious to enrich my pedagogy in conversation with other fellows.

New Testament and Early Christian Literature (Department of the Humanities)