Baptist Theological Union Trustees

The Baptist Theological Union was incorporated in 1865 to found, endow, support, and direct the Chicago Baptist Theological Institute. Today, the BTU oversees an endowment that helps to support the Divinity School.


BTU Board of Trustees

Larry L. Greenfield, President
John M. Schloerb, Vice President
Darren R. Reisberg, Secretary

Honorary Trustees

Ralph H. Elliott
John W. Reed


Jesse M. Brown
Gregg W. Dwyer

Arthur B. Francis 
Larry L. Greenfield 
Marshall Hatch, Sr. 
Susan B. W. Johnson
Carol A. McVetty
John Mills
Donald W. Musser
Joseph L. Price II
John M. Schloerb 
Robert G. Schloerb
Phyllis R. P. Tessieri
Rev. David. J. Wood  

For more information, please contact Darren R. Reisberg, Secretary of the University