Assyria in Israel, Judea, and the Levant

This lecture series comments on the political, social, and cultural impact of Assyria in the Levant, as identifiable in art, archaeology and text. 
Assyria-Lecture-Series-Final[2].jpgA three-part lecture series. All lectures will be in the Swift Hall Common Room (1st floor) from 5pm - 6:30pm. 
February 11: Irene Winter, Harvard University (emerita)
"Non-Verbal Evidence for Neo-Assyrian Encounters in the West"

February 26: David Wright, Brandeis University
"The Covenant Code Appendix (Exodus 23:20–33) and Assyrian Royal Inscriptions"

March 13: Elizabeth Bloch-Smith, Saint Joseph's University
 "The Assyrian Military Impact on the Ground and in Biblical Texts"