Anne Mocko

“Demoting Vishnu: Ritual, Politics, and the End of Monarchy in Nepal”

I will be beginning my term as a Martin Marty Junior Fellow shortly after returning from over a year of field research in Nepal, where I have been investigating the role of ritual in the recent demotion of the king of Nepal. I am looking forward to the support and structure of the seminar as I readjust to living in the US, and as I finish processing my primary research. As far as writing goes, I am hoping to finish and polish the two-and-a-half chapters I have already drafted, as well as write two new chapters. I am also very much looking forward to teaching my course, and have already begun tinkering with my syllabus.

I am pleased to have been selected as a Martin Marty Fellow because of the program's commitment to broad-based, non-specialist enquiry. I believe that it will be very useful to be required, while I am writing, to explain my work to colleagues who may know or care very little about Nepal, its religious traditions, or its monarchy, as this will force me to develop my thinking along lines that are as accessible and broadly relevant as possible. I look forward to a stimulating and challenging year.

History of Religions