• Rebecca Chopp (PhD, Theology, 1983) leads the 2015 Dean's Winter Craft of Teaching seminar
  • Emeritus professors Anthony C. Yu (PHD'69), Martin Marty (PhD'56), and Bernard McGinn
  • PhD students Jordan Skornik and Kelli Gardner at the AAR/SBL reception
  • AAR/SBL reception guests David Newheiser (PhD alum) and Prof. Richard B. Miller
  • Seth Perry (PhD'13), Melissa Borja (MA'06, SSD), and Monica Mercado (a current History student and an MMC fellows alum)
  • Gawain de Leeuw (MDiv'95), Greg Spinner (PhD'03), and Francisca Cho Bantly (AM'86, PhD'92)

Alumni and Friends

The Divinity School community is strengthened and sustained by the vibrant and ongoing participation of our alumni and friends.  Our conversation about religion happens in and out of Swift Hall, across email, via Facebook, at reunions, and at conferences and meetings held nationally and internationally.  Our alumni and friends serve the School in many ways:  as writers of letters of recommendation, as mentors and teaching pastors, as members of the Alumni Council, the Marty Center Advisory Board, and the Visiting Committee, as interlocutors for dissertation committees, as general conversation partners, and as donors.  We encourage you to be a strong link in the Divinity School community, sustaining those who came before you, those who came with you, and those who will come after you:  the next generation of scholars of religion.  

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We welcome photographs of our alumni, at work or at play, for these pages. Please visit the "Share Your News" page and uploading your photos.