Divinity School Virtual Admitted Students Day | Thursday, Apr 2, 2020

Most sessions will be recorded. Please turn off your camera if you do not wish to be recorded.
All sessions will occur in the Main Room unless otherwise noted.
Main Room: https://uchicago.zoom.us/j/159339003

Launch Experience

 Join us for conversation now at our Facebook group for admitted students.
 Virtually explore our beautiful campus in a fully immersive 360-degree experience.

Dean’s Welcome with Dean David Nirenberg | Location
The Work of the Divinity School with Professor Margaret M. Mitchell
The Divinity School Experience - Current Student Panel
Degree Program Information Sessions

PhD- Professor Sarah Fredericks | Location
MDiv- Professor Cynthia Lindner | Location
MA & AMRS- Professor Jeffrey Stackert | Location

Funding your Graduate Education- Rodney Lumpkins, Graduate Financial Aid
Lunch Meet-Ups

Anthropology & Religion- Professor Angie Heo | Location
Comparative Religious Studies- Dean David Nirenberg; Professor Brook Ziporyn | Location
Ethnography & Islam- Professor Alireza Doostdar | Location
Gender, Sexuality & Religion- Professors Sarah Pierce Taylor & Erin Walsh | Location
History of Christianity- Professors Margaret M. Mitchell & Willemien Otten | Location
Public Theology- Professors Kristine Culp & Dwight Hopkins | Location
Race & Religion- Professor Curtis J. Evans | Location
Religion & Art- Professors Karin Krause & Richard Rosengarten | Location
Religious Ethics- Professors Sarah Fredericks, Richard Miller & William Schweiker | Location
Religion & The Contagion- Professor Laurie Zoloth | Location
The Hebrew Bible- Professors Simeon Chavel & Jeffrey Stackert | Location

Faculty Office Hours (By Appointment)
Housing Session
Language Study at UChicago
MDiv Community Meet-Up | Location
MA Community Meet-Up: Using the MA to Prepare for Doctoral Work | Location
Housing Session
Language Study at UChicago



Just a few of our graduate offerings for this coming year: 


Readings in Rabbinic Midrash: Theology and Homily in Pesiqta de-Rav Kahana

The Book of Ezekiel

The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Epistle of Barnabas

Readings in Islamic Theology

Readings in Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed

Philosophy of Religion

Deconstruction and Religion

Otherwise than God: Creatorless Religiosity East and West

Heidegger: Religion, Politics, Writing

Indian Philosophy I and II

Reading Religion from a Philosophical Point of View

The Environment


Introduction to Environmental Studies

Contagion: Plague, Power, and Epidemics

Environmental Justice in Chicago

Buddhist Studies


Pure Land Buddhism

Buddha Then and Now: Transformations from Amaravati to Anuradhapura

Madhyamaka in India and China

Buddhist Thought(s) in Southeast Asia

The Religious Experience


The Sacred Gaze: Beholding as a Spiritual Exercise in the European Artistic Tradition

Being Buddhist in Southeast Asia

Feeling Religious or Emotions as a Variety of Religious Experience



Readings in Philosophical Sufism

My Body, My Self: Asceticism and Subjectivity

The Song of Songs

Animal Spirituality in the Middle Ages


Life at UChicago and the Divinity School

The University of Chicago, a world-class research institution, is well known for its academic rigor, but it also boasts an increasingly diverse array of opportunities and resources geared toward providing an enriching experience. Whether a student is searching to pursue something valuable or looking for a little bit of help in tough times, here are some of our campus’ major resources:



Tour of Regenstein (our main library): https://youtu.be/8uDgINP2Oiw



Life in Hyde Park

Hyde Park, an easy 20 minute train ride from Downtown Chicago, is home to a cultural, artistic, and scientific richness that is inspired by its picturesque homes, gorgeous lakeside views, and intellectually robust community. Many have called Hyde Park home, and here are some resources to help you decide if it could be yours:

  • A couple of great video introductions to Hyde Park:





Life in Greater Chicago

Depending on whom you ask, the “Second City” moniker is either highly misleading or a blessing in disguise: Chicago is certainly one of the world’s greatest cities, and its relatively hidden historical, cultural, and creative treasures (and super tall skyscrapers) are a source of delight and pride for its residents. Here are some “scratch the surface” ideas for why Chicago’s got it all:

  • A couple of great video introductions to Chicago: