Additional Funding

All PhD students admitted to the Divinity School, in every area of doctoral study, receive a 5-year University of Chicago Fellowship, which provides full tuition, a $24,000 living stipend, up to four summer research stipends of $3,000 each, and coverage for the student through the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP). (Additional coverage for spouse and/or dependents is available. See for more information on spouse and dependent premium costs.)  

Students who have been admitted to PhD candidacy may also pursue a variety of dissertation writing awards.  These include Marty Center Jr. Dissertation fellowships; Provost's, Harper, and Mellon dissertation awards (on campus); and other, off-campus opportunities, such as the Newcombe Fellowship.  

For more information on external fellowship opportunities, visit the Graduate Students Affairs Fellowship Database.  


Junior fellows in the Marty Center are PhD candidates in the advanced stages of dissertation work, selected by application from the various areas of study within the Divinity School, as well as from the Humanities and Social Sciences divisions in the University of Chicago. 

Junior fellows are expected to situate their research within a broader cultural frame of reference, bringing their perspectives to bear on religious questions facing the wider public. They do this in three ways:

  • by participating in the interdisciplinary Marty Seminar, in which they present their work and critically discuss the presentations of other fellows;
  • by designing and teaching a course in an institution of higher learning in the Chicago area;
  • and in an end-of-year forum, in which they present their research to public interlocutors.

Junior fellows are appointed for a full academic year and receive a living stipend.

All students wishing to apply to be junior fellows in the Marty Center should contact Teresa Hord Owens, the dean of students in the Divinity School, for more information.  Applications are normally solicited at the beginning of Spring quarter each year, with a deadline of April 15.


The Alma Wilson Teaching Fellowship offers one graduate student in the Divinity School each year the opportunity to design and teach a course of his or her own choice in the University of Chicago's Undergraduate Program in Religious Studies.

Divinity School graduate students interested in applying for the Alma Wilson Teaching Fellowship should submit a syllabus proposal in January to Lucy K. Pick, the director of the Undergraduate Program in Religious Studies. Each syllabus should be accompanied by a letter describing the student's potential and the names of at least two referees who are willing to speak to the student's qualifications as a teacher. Proposed courses will be selected on the basis of their merit, and by how well they fit the rest of the undergraduate program.

Below please read reflections by recent Alma Wilson Teaching Fellows Joseph Ballan and Alexander Rocklin (click on the images to enlarge).


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Each spring, the Divinity School faculty awards three dissertation fellowships to advanced PhD students.  Students must be nominated by a faculty advisor to be considered for these fellowships.  Nominees must have been admitted to candidacy and must expect to complete the dissertation within 12-18 months of receiving the fellowship.  A call for nominations is sent to the faculty early in spring quarter each year.

  • William Rainey Harper Dissertation Fellowship - Eight recipients are named across the University each year, with one recipient being named in the Divinity School each year.  The fellowship provides full tuition and a living stipend of $24,000.
  • Mellon Dissertation Fellowship - The Divinity School awards one Mellon Dissertation Fellowship each year. The fellowship provides full tuition and a living stipend of $24,000.
  • Provost Dissertation Fellowship - The Provost's office supports dissertation fellowships across the University, with one Provost Dissertation Fellowship awarded in the Divinity School each year.  The fellowship provides full tuition and a living stipend of $20,000.

Upon nomination, students must submit the following materials to the Dean of Students:

  • Completed nomination form (supplied to the student upon nomination)
  • A dissertation prospectus
  • 2-4 letters of recommendation, one of which must come from the dissertation advisor
  • Timeline for completion of the dissertation, approved by the advisor
  • University of Chicago transcript (provided by the Dean of Students)

A panel of Divinity School faculty selects the recipients of the three awards from among the entire pool of nominated students.