5/18/17 Diamonds in the Rough: Meeting Students Where They Are [co-hosted with the Ethics Club]

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Diamonds in the Rough: Meeting Students Where They Are [co-hosted with the Ethics Club] 

Thursday, May 18, 4:30-6:00 pm, Swift 208

Rough-Diamond.jpegYou're leading a seminar discussion on a difficult book, and your students' comments are coming out raw, disorganized, or off-topic. How do you identify, amplify, and interweave the most interesting and relevant points of each student's comments?

Your seminar students are unanimously criticizing this week's text, and you're inclined to agree with them. How do you channel the author's voice to present the strongest version of what the text has to say?

Your student sits in your office, eager to hear your feedback on the paper idea he just proudly proposed. But his ideas are quite underdeveloped. How do you help him get where he's trying to go?

Join Professor Richard Miller (Religious Ethics) for a session aimed at developing this most essential of teaching skills, the craft of finding diamonds in rough student understanding and work, in order to bring them to light.


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