5/03/17 Microteaching: The Pedagogy of Close Reading [Arts of Teaching]

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Microteaching: The Pedagogy of Close Reading [Arts of Teaching]

Wednesday, May 3, 9 am - 12 pm, Martin Marty Center Library


Microteaching is organized practice teaching in a supportive, low-risk environment.  Participants will teach a short lesson to a small group of peers and receive detailed feedback (including self-assessment based on video-recording) on their teaching strategy and performance.  This Spring’s Microteaching workshop will focus on close reading as a pedagogical strategy, drawing students into course material and larger questions by way of collective in-class reading and discussion.

Participants will not only practice modeling techniques of effective reading in the role of the teacher, but will also gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the communal-reading format as a pedagogical strategy.

Each participant will select and prepare a reading pertinent to their teaching goals and, for ten minutes, teach the other participants through a shared close reading and guided discussion.

The workshop will be facilitated by Professor Sarah Hammerschlag (Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture), Professor Ryan Coyne (Philosophy of Religion; Theology), and Maureen Kelly (Craft of Teaching Associate Coordinator). Participation is strictly limited and advanced registration is required. If you are interested in being involved in this workshop, email the coordinators at as soon as possible to receive further information.


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