4/5/17 Backward Design and the Teaching Portfolio: Planning and Acting

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Backward Design and the Teaching Portfolio: Planning and Acting

Wednesday, April 5, 4:30-6:00, Swift 201     

rosengarten2_0.jpgCome graduation day, cap and gown in hand, graduate students can look back on their range of teaching experiences. By then, of course, the only place to go is forward. This program will help students to strategize finding and prioritizing diverse teaching experiences, from the large lecture to the small discussion, from teaching writing to constructing a syllabus. Applying the principles of ‘backward design,’ this workshop aims at helping PhD students to develop a strategy for seeking teaching practice and engaging in Craft of Teaching programs calibrated to their needs and ambitions, beginning by considering what most such students will need in the long run: a teaching portfolio for the job market.

Join William Rando (Director, Chicago Center for Teaching) and Richard Rosengarten (Dean, Divinity School) to learn about the philosophy and pragmatics of the teaching portfolio, and to consider how the intended/imagined teaching repertoire students hope to have at graduation might impact their plans in the shorter term.

This event is geared toward early-term PhD students, but is open to everybody. No preparation is required. The workshop will be followed by an informal gathering at the Ida Noyes Pub to discuss the challenges and opportunities of teaching while a graduate student at the Divinity School.


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