4/10/17 Using Objects to Teach Religion [Arts of Teaching]

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Using Objects to Teach Religion [Arts of Teaching]

Monday, April 10, 4:30-6:00 pm, Swift Hall Common Room


The range of resources and strategies with which we might engage in the teaching and learning of “religion” is virtually endless, though their usage shifts with different construals of the field and commitments to different learning goals. In the Craft of Teaching series, “Using X to Teach Religion,” members of the Divinity School faculty are invited to lead Arts of Teaching workshops combining a short presentation on the merits and limits of a particular type of resource they emphasize in their courses with close consideration and group workshopping of the associated course-design and active pedagogical decisions that need to be made.

In this edition, join Professor Jaś Elsner (Religion, Literature, and Visual Culture) to consider pedagogical strategies for teaching with material objects -- both the objects that haunt and destabilize the classic texts and ideological problems of religious studies, and the physical objects to which teachers may wish to expose their students face to face (in class or on site visits). This edition of the ‘Using X to Teach Religion’ series will consider the diverse contexts of teaching religion through the lens of the consideration of ‘objects.’

Prior to attending this workshop, participants are asked to select an object that they might consider using in their classes (whether an object on site somewhere pertinent to the course, or an object portable enough to bring to class). Please send a photograph of the object (or a description of an object that can be brought along to the workshop), along with a description of the kind of class in which it might be used, to the Coordinators at craftofteaching@uchicago.edu (by Friday, April 7th), and come to the workshop prepared to introduce your object to the group and discuss your preliminary insights.

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