2/03/17 Annual Undergraduate Course Design Workshop

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Annual Undergraduate Course Design Workshop (Featuring: Teaching as an Adjunct)

Friday, February 3, 2:00-4:00 pm, Swift 200

41DCfcCDSvL._SY300_.jpgDesigning a college course is no easy task.  It requires making difficult decisions about a whole host of issues, from what you should teach and how you should teach it to what you want students to know and how to tell if they know it. This installment of The Craft of Teaching Program’s Undergraduate Course Design Workshop is intended to assist participants in negotiating that complex process. It will be especially fruitful for people who are applying (or intending to apply) to adjunct positions for which they’ll need to design their own courses.  

In the workshop we will discuss strategies for designing courses that will appeal to both students and selection committees.  We’ll consider issues of course scope, institutional fit, marketability, and goal-setting. In particular we’ll work on creating:

1: a compelling and accurate course description;
2: realistic learning goals;
3: assignments that help you achieve those goals; and
4: a draft of a final product for use in job applications.

Participants should RSVP to , and should come prepared with a draft course description and a provisional list of learning goals and assignments. Lunch will be available for those who RSVP.

This session will be led by Emily D. Crews, PhD candidate in History of Religions at the Divinity School and the Interim Director of Undergraduate Studies in Religious Studies at the University of Chicago.  She has taught courses in the UChicago College and at Lake Forest College, and has constructed scores of syllabi and cover letters. She will facilitate the session as a peer guide, sharing her recent experiences in adjuncting in the Chicago area and the valuable advice she’s gotten along the way. 

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