Why Chicago?

A common question prospective students ask about pursuing graduate study at the Divinity School is, "What makes Chicago distinctive?" We posed a slightly reformulated version of that question—i.e. "Why did you choose, and why do you continue to choose, Chicago as a context for your study and work?"—to the School's diverse stakeholders in hopes that their answers might shed some light on this query. The result is the "Why Chicago?" Project: unrehearsed, candid glimpses into the ethos of Swift Hall and its contexts. We feature a few of the videos on this page, and others appear throughout the Divinity School website, which you can find using the directory box below. 

Dean Margaret M. Mitchell

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Emily Crews, PhD Student in the History of Religions 

Wendy Doniger, Mircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions

Sarah Hammerschlag, Assistant Professor of Religion and Literature

David Latimore, PhD Student in Theology

Willemien Otten, Professor of Theology and the History of Christianity

Teresa Hord Owens, Dean of Students

Daniel Owings, MA Student

James T. Robinson, Associate Professor of the History of Judaism

Wesley Sun, Director of Field Education and Community Engagement

Sara-Jo Swiatek, PhD Student in Religious Ethics and DSA President

Marcella Wilkinson, MA Student