Simeon Chavel

Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible; also in the College




PhD (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Professor Chavel studies the religious imagination of ancient Israel and Judea, its social  factors and historical forces, and its expression in biblical literature. His approach overlaps with his interest in the modes of discourse, genres and poetics of biblical literature. His analyses aim to situate topics broadly in ancient Near Eastern culture, to attend to biblical composition history (a.k.a. "source criticism"), manuscript history ("textual criticism") and interpretation (especially rabbinic), and to employ modern critical lenses.

Examples of his style are: "'Oracular Novellae' and Biblical Historiography — Through the Lens of Law and Narrative," Clio 39 (2009); "The Face of God and the Etiquette of Eye-Contact: Visitation, Pilgrimage, and Prophetic Vision in Ancient Israelite and Early Jewish Imagination," Jewish Studies Quarterly 19 (2012), and "Prophetic Imagination in the Light of Narratology and Disability Studies in Isaiah 40–48," Journal of Hebrew Scriptures 14 (2014). His first book, Oracular Law and Priestly Historiography in the Torah, was published in 2014 by Mohr Siebeck, and his next book, God in the Eyes of Israel: A History of the Religious Imagination in Ancient Israel and Judea, is well underway. 


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