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Columns may be quoted or republished in full with clear and full attribution to the author of the column, Sightings, and the Martin Marty Center at the University of Chicago Divinity School. This attribution should be presented clearly at the beginning and end of the article, with a link to the original article and the Divinity School website.

Sightings authors may not be designated as contributors to publications that reprint their articles, nor may their names be presented in such as way that they might appear to be contributors to the reprinting publication.

Titles and content of articles may not be modified in any way.

Please notify the editor, Myriam Renaud, before reprinting articles. E-mail the following information to name of article, author, date of publication, URL of the article, name of your publication, and URL of your website.

We run 500-750 word pieces relating to religion in the modern world.

We only publish original pieces that have never been published elsewhere.

Most of our pieces respond to a news item, placing the event or trend in context of its history and other relevant background, and analyzing its media coverage.

We do not use footnotes, but a brief references section can follow the essay. Please only list citations of works written in English.

Please do not use hyperlinks within the essay. You may include links, however, in the references section. For example:

Lisa Miller, "Feminism's Final Frontier? Religion," Washington Post, March 8, 2012.

We follow the Chicago Manual of Style (only one space between sentences, books of the bible are capitalized but not italicized, etc).

Please include a short bio of one or two sentences, and let us know if you have a Twitter account (we link to the essay on Twitter after it has been published).

We do not run pieces written from a religious perspective. Rather, our essays look at religion in public life from an academic perspective.

We do not publish op-eds, opinion pieces, book reviews, movie reviews, poetry or fiction. We do publish pieces that discuss certain books, movies, poetry or fiction if they represent a trend relating to religion.

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