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March 2, 2015
“Open your Bibles to the book of the Prophet Amos…” That sounds like a command from a Bible Class of old.
February 26, 2015
Three medieval architectural fragments in the permanent collection of the University of Chicago’s Smart Museum of Art were once part of the massive twelfth-century monastery church of Cluny in Burgundy, France.

Author: Claire Jenson
February 23, 2015
Depressed, weary, or frightened by stories of USIS and ISIS and other horrors, plus by debates over “religious extremism” and the role of Islam, we focus instead on the not-unimportant figure of Pope Francis, who makes ne
February 19, 2015
Despite my agreement with my esteemed colleagues Professors Bruce Lincoln and Anthony Yu in most aspects of their response in last week’s Sightings to an earlier Sightings piece, “After the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Massa
February 16, 2015
America’s largest ethnic group has assimilated so well that people barely notice it. So ran a headline in The Economist (Feb 7).
February 12, 2015
Our University of Chicago colleague, Jean-Luc Marion, Andrew Thomas Greely and Grace McNichols Greeley Professor of Catholic Studies, wrote a passionate response to the horrific attacks in Charlie Hebdo’s of
February 9, 2015
Baillie, Balthasar, Barth, Berdyaev, Bonhoeffer, Brunner, Bultmann—to mention only the “B-team,” were coin-of-the-realm giants in the mid-20th century theological revival. Add Niebuhr(s), Murray.
February 5, 2015
When climate change protesters marched on Wall Street last September, their charge was to bring attention to a global urgency that requires a deep and abiding transformation of the way we think about, invest in, and relate
February 2, 2015
“Religion in American Public Life” is the rubric that characterizes our weekly efforts at Sightings.
January 29, 2015
This article was originally published in French in Le Point.


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