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May 24, 2001
Having recently concluded its second season, CBS's "Survivor" has insinuated itself so seamlessly into the American mind that even those of us willfully ignorant of the show know what it means to be "voted off the island." The wild success of this so-called "reality television" program has spawned a host of imitators on other networks.
May 21, 2001
"We are supposed to write a paper defending a spoken-against position," said one of my sons during a phone call from college. "I chose polygamy. The professor challenged me. Can you help me? Many of those heroes we were taught to admire in the Bible had more wives than one -- sometimes many more. Where does the Bible say that they should stop the practice?"  
May 14, 2001
Public religion in the American setting poses the issue of proselytizing, especially with respect to providing government funds to faith-based organizations that might use that money to convert the people served. Arguments about this subject rage daily.  
May 7, 2001
Sooner or later, talk about "public religion" in America must focus on its popular manifestations. None is more public or more popular than the world of sports.  
April 23, 2001
Johnny Hart draws "B.C.," a decent enough comic strip. He frequently injects Christian witness themes into it. Sometimes newspapers will then drop "B.C." for a day; some say Hart has no business witnessing there.  
April 20, 2001
The forthcoming execution of Timothy McVeigh has agitated the nation and, within it and not least of all, its religious communities. We will skip comment on the event and go straight to the background of the religious debate.  
April 17, 2001
Sightings is so busy with its periscope, scanning the horizon for religious scenes and objects and events, that we cannot often stop to reply to email responses. But now and then it is worth turning the periscope around to scan an already visited place on the horizon. This time it's worth taking another look at the concept of "the subordinate."  
April 11, 2001
"George Washington warned us never to indulge the supposition that 'morality can be maintained without religion,'" offered Joseph Lieberman in a campaign stop last August.  
April 9, 2001
Religion in public life shows up not just in politics, but also in the concert hall. The week of Passover and Easter offers chances to assess it.  
April 1, 2001
Various explanations are offered for religious change in the United States, among them "church growth" or "mainline apathy" or, on occasion, the devil. Sightings has no empirical data on the last of these causes, but one hears the others cited constantly.  


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