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April 9, 2001
Religion in public life shows up not just in politics, but also in the concert hall. The week of Passover and Easter offers chances to assess it.  
April 1, 2001
Various explanations are offered for religious change in the United States, among them "church growth" or "mainline apathy" or, on occasion, the devil. Sightings has no empirical data on the last of these causes, but one hears the others cited constantly.  
March 29, 2001
You may remember the controversy in Palos Heights, Illinois, over the Al Salaam Mosque Foundation's attempt to purchase -- and eventually worship in -- a local Reformed church. The city council intervened to prevent the purchase of the church.
March 26, 2001
This week, like the last, Sightings becomes "Pointings." We point to the Alban Institute, which bills itself as "the premier source of learning for congregations and their leaders." An ecumenical, interfaith organization, the Alban Institute seeks to bring research and education to bear upon the practical challenges of faith communities.
March 22, 2001
My mother is in a Jewish nursing home. All the food is kosher. There are mezuzot (decorative boxes containing Jewish prayers) at the entrance to each room. Religious services are provided regularly. Yet the nursing home receives substantial income from Medicaid, Medicare, and other government programs.
March 19, 2001
Today Sightings has it easy. In a time of free-floating spiritualities, we call your attention to a survey that should be useful to everyone related to "organized religion" or "the institutional church." Let the surveyors do the sighting, which they do well.  
March 12, 2001
Last week we listened in on an internal debate among voices on the political and religious left reacting in long letters to *The Nation* (March 12). Respondents took on author Ellen Willis, who had spoken up for "Freedom from Religion" (February 19).  Willis re-reacts.  
March 7, 2001
Was "Davos Man Meets Homo Religiosus" simply a remake of "Godzilla Meets Bambi?"  
March 5, 2001
"Freedom from Religion."  So Ellen Willis called her blast from the left against "faith-based" ventures and religion in public life in*The Nation* (February 19).  Some notables from what survives on theleft blast her blast in a subsequent issue (March 12), showing that theissue sunders left as it does center and right these days.  
February 28, 2001
President Bush's new White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives officially opened on February 20 and has touched a nerve in the nation over church-state issues, but it confirmed his commitment to plans hinted at in controversial passages from his inaugural address one month ago.


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