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August 5, 2002
"Reinhold Niebuhr, where are you now when we need you?" in effect asks David Brooks, a not unastute correspondent in The Atlantic Monthly (September, 2002). He beckons the ghost of the towering Protestant theologian and social critic of a half century ago.
August 2, 2002
There is an enduring wisdom behind the expression “we are what we eat.” Recent warnings from the public health sector that obesity has reached epidemic status in this country certainly lends credence to this culinary proverb. And if it is true that we are what we eat, what else about eating is true? Is it fair to say that we are how we eat, or where we eat? 
July 31, 2002
Stories about the sexual abuse crisis in Catholicism have moved from the "feeding frenzy" to the "facing fallout" stages. Headlines announcing continued Wall Street traumas have not quite crowded priest-and-bishop news from the public eye. A sampling from last week includes: "Bishops Select Lay Board on Sexual Abuse Review," and "Young U. S.
July 25, 2002
Dear Friends,  I hope that this finds you well.  I am writing from the city whose name signifies, in Hebrew, wholeness and peace. Today was a quiet day in the city. I even ventured downtown. There are days in which the downtown is a ghost city. No one wants to take a risk. The events of the last two years have seen the city abandon its name, its essence. 
July 22, 2002
To publish is, by definition, to go public. So religious publishing fits our category of "public religion." Evangelical publishing has gone public in such impressive ways that secular publishers compete for its authors and markets, and some (bad) evangelical fiction has topped the best-seller lists.
July 18, 2002
In "The Limits of Mother's Day and Father's Day" ( HYPERLINK "" Sightings, 6/13/02) Reverend James L. Evans asked us to "find a way to affirm those families that work hard everyday to be faithful and effective." Evans brought us back to a valuable truth between Mother's Day and Father's Day this year.
July 15, 2002
In his column "Concerning Faith-based Initiatives," ( HYPERLINK "" Sightings, June 24, 2002) Martin E. Marty raises questions about a piece written by John J. DiIulio, Jr., former head of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
July 10, 2002
Religious matters are increasingly in the news. There are the controversies over abuse in the Catholic Church, eruptions of European anti-Semitism in the wake of Arab-Israeli violence, and solemn arguments about the nature of Islam in the wake of 9/11, among others.
July 8, 2002
Eighteenth-century historian Edward Gibbon wrote of the Antonines' Rome: "The various modes of worship which prevailed in the Roman world were all considered by the people as equally true; by the philosopher as equally false; and by the magistrate as equally useful.
July 3, 2002
I recently rediscovered notes I had scribbled in church on a bulletin dated "Independence Day, 1971." 


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