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July 9, 1999
The World Church of the Creator, the white supremacist movement that helped impel Benjamin Smith to go on a hate-crime murdering spree, propagated itself online. Like many other hate groups, it has had a Web site, and like so many others, it promotes ideology that is manifestly destructive of human good.
July 7, 1999
On Easter Sunday, Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley announced to an astonished crowd of believers in Salt Lake City and thousands more watching via satellite that the church was going to rebuild a temple in Nauvoo, Illinois. Nauvoo is now a sleepy town on the banks of the Mississippi River, with a population of 1,227.
June 30, 1999
Attempting to trace religious attitudes in magazines that are decisively on the left is difficult, chiefly because there are so few surviving periodicals over on that side. On the right one can do sightings in the NATIONAL REVIEW, the AMERICAN SPECTATOR, and COMMENTARY, among others.
June 24, 1999
Americans take turns appraising the relative dangerousness or unrespectability of religion after religion. Most recently Representative Bob Barr of Georgia turned on the lights when he discovered that Wiccans had the right to worship on military bases where other religions do. He finds that offensive and wants the military to put a stop to it.
June 23, 1999
What do evangelicals believe? Is it possible to lay bare the doctrines that stand at modern evangelicalism's core? As evangelicals become more adept in the arena of public life, the beliefs that animate them assume greater public relevance.
June 18, 1999
Isolating American religion from the global scene is impossible in these times. The Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States, for instance, has been much in the news, both for its links with Serbia--at least in memory and sentiment--and for Serbia's being on the moral spot in American consciousness.
June 14, 1999
Asked "Do you believe in God?" seventeen year-old Cassie Bernall of Littleton, Colorado, witnessed that she did and was shot. She has since been proclaimed a martyr. What is a martyr? How many martyrs are there? Who needs them?
June 10, 1999
The concept of public religion generally went unmentioned two score years ago. Only within this decade has it become linguistic "coin of the realm." The term admits of many meanings. It can be something like "civil religion," which means it is some sort of generic reality accessible by the public and publics.


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