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September 21, 1999
Counting may not be the most exciting thing we do, and reading about counting may not give receivers of "Sightings" much to develop into editorials, talk-show topics, or lecture and sermon illustrations. But keeping track of news everywhere goes with the job, and it informs our venture if now and then we report on statistical reckonings. To the point:
September 17, 1999
In the constant efforts, over the definition of American culture as "secular," "religious," or, as we prefer (though we'd look for a better word), "religiosecular," religious apologists regularly point to the academy and politics as the most secular spheres of public life.
September 16, 1999
In our business of monitoring the press coverage of religious themes, we find that from time to time it is in place not just to make news about news but to reflect upon reflection. This we now do in reference to an important column on a neglected theme.
August 26, 1999
Seldom have we gone sighting religion in its denominational forms. With good reason, some would say: religion draws attention today more in expressions of individualized spirituality, at local assemblies, through causes and caucuses and parachurches, and in independent "community churches" than in denominations. The day of the denomination is over, one hears from time to time.
August 20, 1999
A few days ago we ventured to do some sightings of public religion in the arts, drawing on a tenth anniversary issue of IMAGE and its "State of the Arts" symposium. Having scanned in the last Sighting the print media, let's look at other arts as examples of religion-in-public.
August 17, 1999
Public religion, we cannot repeat often enough, is not the same thing as "religion and politics." Public religion has to do with faith and spirituality in the academy, the forum, in media and the marketplace, in the conference hall and the gallery.
August 5, 1999
Sighting "religion" and "spirituality" in American bookstores will beeasier than ever this fall. In PUBLISHERS WEEKLY'S semiannual preview (July 12), Lynn Garrett summarizes: "The sleeping giant of religion/spirituality book sales began to stir more than ten years ago," and the publishers' lists are "still lush with choices."
August 4, 1999
"Have you read Luke Timothy Johnson's review in COMMONWEAL?" a friend asked. We hadn't. "Johnson's comment on religious studies in the academy relates to your 'public religion.'" Yes.
August 2, 1999
Unfair! That is what we would have to say in response to a July 21 column by Michael Kinsley, who writes for (and edits) SLATE, the Internet magazine of opinion. Eric Greenberg, of the JEWISH WEEKLY, called it to our attention and asked for comment as he prepares an editorial on Kinsley.


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