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August 7, 2003
In his July 10 Sightings, “The Fighting Methodists,” Andrew Weaver uncritically accepts the hyperbolic claims of United Methodism @ Risk, a self-published outcry against conservative influence within the United Methodist Church.

Author: Mark Tooley
August 4, 2003
Last week Sightings introduced the just published A People Adrift, The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America by Peter Steinfels. Since this column is not in the book review or book promotion business, it has to regard a book as news in order to note it. And Steinfels's elaboration of crisis is news.
July 31, 2003
Having studied the complex concerns surrounding religiously related social services since 1983, I was stunned while reading Rallying the Armies of Compassion, the 2001 White House document that launched President Bush's "Faith-Based Initiative." To call this new venture a faith-based initiative is pretty bold.

Author: Bob Wineburg
July 28, 2003
If I were to choose one book to pass to those who look for a fair-minded analysis of Catholicism in the United States today, it would be Peter Steinfels's new one: A People Adrift; The Crisis of the Roman Catholic Church in America. I am going to devote two columns to it; first, because it is deserving and second, I am heading for a family-reunion and want to work ahead a bit.
July 24, 2003
On Monday, July 14, 2003, on his Christian Broadcasting Network's (CBN) "The 700 Club," Pat Robertson urged his listeners to pray for the next 21 days that God might remove from office three Supreme Court justices who voted with the majority on the recent case decriminalizing sodomy. "We ask for miracles in regard to the Supreme Court," he said.
July 21, 2003
The twenty-two home-delivered newspapers and many magazines that greeted me after my week-long island retreat, offered scores of opportunities for sighting religious news. I'll bypass them and return to a topic Sightings has treated several times before: numbering Hispanic Catholics in the United States.
July 14, 2003
Europeans are having fits about the place of religion in Europe-as-Europe, and what they fight about may throw light on American discontents. In last Friday's Wall Street Journal (July 11), Brandon Mitchener in "Birth of a Nation?
July 10, 2003
Northwestern University had an outstanding football team in the early years of the 20th century known as the Fighting Methodists, the name was later changed to the less colorful but more collegiate-sounding Wildcats. The Fighting Methodists, however, may soon be making a dramatic comeback, not on the football field but inside the church itself.
July 7, 2003
Recently, an image of the Virgin Mary appeared in the window of a Massachusetts hospital prompting 25,000 visitors. The hospital took no official position as to the authenticity of the apparition, but tried their best to accommodate the pilgrims who were regularly gathering in their parking lot. The Boston archdiocese was contacted for help. Cameramen and news reporters soon followed.
July 7, 2003
America, The National Catholic Weekly, the respected Jesuit magazine, attracts Sightings for its coverage of public topics.


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