• Patrick Derdall, MDiv, and Ana Illievska, PhD in Comparative Literature

Senior Ministry Project

The Senior Ministry Thesis is an in-depth exploration of a question or issue in ministry that demonstrates a student’s ability to foster thoughtful, rigorous and relevant dialogue between university, faith community, and society. 

The senior thesis serves as the culmination of the student’s Divinity School work. As such, it is a thoroughly theological endeavor which is at the same time interdisciplinary in a way appropriate to practical theological investigation. In the thesis writing process, students have the opportunity to trace the intellectual heritage of a selected issue and make a thoughtful contribution to the practical theological conversation. 

Successful completion of the Senior Ministry Thesis consists of three parts: 

  • Participation in a thesis seminar during several sessions in autumn and all of the winter quarter of the third year
  • Completion of a 35-page paper, by the end of winter quarter of the third year
  • A public presentation of thesis findings in the spring quarter of third year