Richard A. Rosengarten

Dean and Associate Professor of Religion and Literature; also in the College



MA, PhD (University of Chicago)

Richard Rosengarten works in religion and literature, where he pursues interests in genres of narrative (especially the novel), in hermeneutics, literary theory, and aesthetics, and in the development of religious thought through the "long" eighteenth century. His book Henry Fielding and the Narration of Providence: Divine Design and the Incursions of Evil locates Fielding's novels in the contexts of the debates about poetic justice in the drama, and the deism controversy's discussions of natural religion toward the claim that the eighteenth-century English novel engages broader theological questions about the security of classic notions of providential intervention in a post-Newtonian universe. He is completing a book on Roman Catholicism between the Vatican Councils under the title Styles of Catholicism: Flannery O'Connor, Frida Kahlo, Simone Weil, and plans to undertake a study of satire as a mode of apophatic language from Rabelais to Swift.

Select work: 

"The Recalcitrant Distensio of Ricoeur's Time and Narrative." (PDF) Literature and Theology, June 2013

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