Richard B. Miller

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Professor of Religious Ethics




PhD, University of Chicago, 1985


Professor Miller's research interests include religion and public life, political and social ethics, theory and method in religious thought and ethics, and practical ethics. He is the author of Interpretations of Conflict: Ethics, Pacifism, and the Just-War Tradition (University of Chicago Press, 1991); Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning (University of Chicago Press, 1996); Children, Ethics, and Modern Medicine (Indiana University Press, 2003), and Terror, Religion, and Liberal Thought (Columbia University Press, 2010).  His forthcoming book, Friends and Other Strangers, endeavors to chart and expand the field of religious ethics and is due out from Columbia University Press next year. He is currently at work on two projects: a critical monograph on theory and method in the academic study of religion, and an intellectual history of “nature” in early modern and modern critical discourses about religion.   

Areas of study: 

Current and Upcoming Courses

Religious Ethics

30802 Contemporary Religious Ethics I
30802 Contemporary Religious Ethics II
30904 Minor Classics in Ethics
36002 The Ethics of War: Foundational Texts
42802 Rights and Justice
43302 The Ethics of Belief
44802 Contemporary Political and Social Ethics
45102 Religion, Medicine, and Ethics
45502 Religion and the Political Order