Resources for the Study of Race and Ethnicity and Religion

“The nature of questions being asked and the perspectives being engaged are often a function of the diversity of experiences and outlooks of those participating.  Diversity for the University is therefore particularly germane to our core perspective.  We must ensure that our scholarly community is composed of a rich mixture of individuals who, through their own distinctive viewpoints, contribute to the intellectually challenging culture of the University… The first doctorate earned by a black woman in the United States was awarded in 1921 at the University of Chicago.  We were among the first major non-historically black universities to tenure a black faculty member.”

Official Diversity Statement of Robert J. Zimmer, President, University of Chicago.

Greetings from the Divinity School and welcome to the Divinity’s School’s resource page for those committed to research and to pursuing coursework on religion, race and ethnicity. The following provides information on the study of race and ethnicity within the Divinity School at large as well as the wider University of Chicago community.

Library and Archival Resources
Workshops and Student Organizations



Sample Courses
Black Theology and Womanist Theology
Theology from the Third World

Theology and American Slavery

James H. Cone: His Theological Challenge

Martin & Malcolm: Lives and Beliefs

Race & Theology

African Philosophy

Christianity and Slavery in America 1619-1865

African American Religion in the 20th Century

Race and Religion in the U.S. in the 20th Century

The Long 1960s: Religion and Social Change

Power, Identity and Resistance

Graduate Ethnographic Methods

Urban Structure and Process

Religion and the City

Power, Identity, and Resistance

Music of the Caribbean

African American Gospel Music

Seminar: Music and Faith

Seminar: Music and Creolization

Introduction to the Social and Cultural Study of Music

Race, Gender, and African American Religions

Brauer Seminar (offered by Catherine Brekus and Richard Rosengarten in spring 2013) on Uncle Tom’s Cabin