PhDs Available for Appointment

We are proud to present these recent graduates and advanced doctoral students who are available for academic appointment in their chosen field of study and research.

Doctoral students at the Divinity School concentrate their work in one of the School's eleven areas of study. Their programs include completion of general requirements in the methodologies of the academic study of religion, fulfillment of the requirements of their area of study, and significant coursework in areas across the Divinity School as well as the University of Chicago.  The dissertation, an original contribution to research in his/her chosen field, is the capstone of the PhD program.   Doctoral students are also required to complete teaching assignments, which may include teaching assistantships and lecturerships in the Divinity School, the College or local colleges and universities in the Chicagoland area.  The Divinity School's Craft of Teaching program in the academic study of religion provides additional opportunity for professionalization.  Doctoral students may earn the Divinity School's certificate in the Craft of Teaching program, an important milestone in their pedagogical development.  


We welcome your inquiries about any of these candidates. 

Margaret M. Mitchell, Dean
(Phone: 773-702-8221 | E-mail: mmmitche@uchicago.edu)

Teresa Hord Owens, Dean of Students
(Phone: 773-702-8217 | E-mail: tdowens@uchicago.edu)

Anthropology and Sociology of Religion


History of Christianity

History of Judaism

History of Religions

          "The Gift of Death: Acts of Imagination in the Ritual of gCod"

Islamic Studies

          “Sunni Tradition in the Age of Renewal and Reform: Said Ramadan al-Bouti and His Interlocutors (1929-2013)"

Religion and Literature

Religious Ethics

Philosophy of Religion

  • Pierre-Julien D. Harter ( )
    "The role of the Path in the anthropology and the gnoseology of the Abhisamayālaṃkāra Literature”