Jonathan Z. Smith

Associate Faculty; 

Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor of the Humanities; also in the Committees on the Ancient Mediterranean World and on the History of Culture, and the College




PhD (Yale University)

Jonathan Z. Smith is a historian of religion whose research has focused on such wide-ranging subjects as ritual theory, Hellenistic religions, nineteenth-century Maori cults, and the notorious events of Jonestown, Guyana. Some of his works include Map Is Not Territory; Imagining Religion: From Babylon to Jonestown; and To Take Place: Toward Theory in Ritual. In his book Drudgery Divine: On the Comparison of Early Christianities and the Religions of Late Antiquity, he demonstrates how four centuries of scholarship on early Christianities manifest a Catholic-Protestant polemic. A collection of essays entitled Relating Religion: Essays in the Study of Religion was published in 2004.