Divinity School Aid

Divinity School financial aid awards, based on academic promise, include partial and full tuition scholarships, as well as fellowships that cover the student's full tuition and provide a stipend toward living expenses. The Committee on Admissions and Aid seeks to provide continuing support at a level consistent with the student's academic performance and financial aid eligibility. The Committee makes awards on the basis of a full-time academic program unless otherwise specified in the admissions application. If a student registers for a part-time course of study, the amount of the award will be reassessed at the time of registration. Only degree students are eligible for Divinity School financial aid.

Control knobs on the Reneker organAll PhD students admitted to the Divinity School, in every area of doctoral study, receive a 5-year University of Chicago Fellowship, which provides full tuition, a $22,000 living stipend, up to four summer research stipends of $3,000 each, and coverage for the student through the University Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP). (Additional coverage for spouse and/or dependents is available. See http://studenthealth.uchicago.edu for more information on spouse and dependent premium costs.)

Admission to the Divinity School's PhD program reflects the faculty's judgment that a student shows exceptional promise for scholarship and teaching in her or his field of study.  This financial aid package from the University is intended to allow each doctoral student to place full attention on their course of study and research, and to make timely progress through the program.

Students who have been admitted to PhD candidacy may also pursue a variety of dissertation writing awards.  These include the Divinity School's Martin Marty Center Jr. Dissertation Fellowships; the Provost, Harper, and Mellon Dissertation Fellowship awards (see Additional Funding);  and other, off-campus opportunities, such as the Newcombe Fellowship (see "Further Resources").

MA students are eligible for financial aid for the equivalent of two years of Full-Time Residence. The Committee on Admissions and Aid makes awards at the time of admission, and offers for the initial year will be automatically renewed for the second year, pending satisfactory academic progress. (MA students who are subsequently admitted to the PhD program will receive the standard University of Chicago Fellowship for PhD students. See Aid for PhD students for more information).

All admitted MA applicants who request financial assistance are considered for the following awards, and no supplemental application form is required. 

1. The Divinity School Visiting Committee Fellowship is awarded to one exemplary student admitted to the MA program. The award provides full tuition plus a $12,000 stipend, and is funded by generous gifts from members of the Divinity School's Visiting Committee.  The fellowship is renewable for the second year of the MA program.

2. The Regenstein Fellowship is awarded to one exemplary student admitted to the MA program with scholarly interest in the study of Judaism (Hebrew Bible, History of Judaism).  The award provides full tuition plus a $12,000 stipend, and is funded by a generous gift from the Regenstein family.  The award is renewable for the second year of the MA program.

3. University of Chicago Divinity School Dean's Scholarships provide full tuition for two years. A limited number of Dean's Scholarships are awarded at admission each year.

4. Divinity School Scholarships provide partial tuition awards ranging from 25% to 75% of tuition.

5. Title VI or FLAS (Foreign Language Area Studies) Fellowships are available for graduate study in critical languages and related areas. Divinity School MA applicants are encouraged to apply for these awards at admission. See the Office of Graduate Admissions's dedicated page on FLAS fellowships for more information, and please contact the Dean of Students for more information on FLAS applications as part of the admissions process.

MDiv students who request financial assistance will be considered for various forms of Divinity School financial gift aid. The Committee on Admissions and Aid awards this assistance at the time of admission based on academic merit. The following awards are made in each entering class:

Entering Ministry Fellowships:

  1. The Schloerb Entering Ministry Fellowship is awarded to two entering M.Div. students each year, and provides full tuition plus a $4,000-$10,000 living stipend for a total of three academic years.
  2. University of Chicago Divinity School Dean's Scholarships provide full tuition for three academic years.
  3. Divinity School Scholarships provide partial tuition aid ranging from 50% to 75% of annual tuition costs.

Supplemental financial support is provided for second- and third-year MDiv students as they complete requirements for field education and field work assignments:

A. Field education stipends of $2000 per quarter are provided to all second-year MDiv students participating in the Arts of Ministry sequence while serving a local congregation.
B. Fieldwork stipends of $1,500 to support the completion of the fieldwork placement. When such placement requires a registration (e.g., for Clinical Pastoral Education), the Divinity School subsidizes such a charge up to $500.
C. The International Ministry Study Grant program provides funding for first- and second-year Master of Divinity students enrolled at the Divinity School to study an issue or aspect of ministerial practice in another cultural context. Applications are due December 1 for travel to be completed during the following summer.  For more information, contact Cynthia Lindner, Director of Ministry Studies, at clindner@uchicago.edu.

AMRS students who request consideration of financial aid are eligible for Divinity School Scholarships.

These awards provide partial tuition awards and will be applied as a percentage of the tuition cost per course.