Dan Laor

Visiting Professor of Israel Studies


MA (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
PhD (The University of California, Berkeley) 

Dan Laor is Visiting Professor of Israel Studies in the Divinity School. Professor Laor, Professor of Hebrew Literature and the Jacob and Shoshana Schreiber Chair for Contemporary Jewish Culture, Tel Aviv University, is a well-known scholar of the contemporary Israeli novel. Former Chair of the Department of Modern Hebrew Literature and Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Laor is the author of six books, and editor of another seven, on modern Israeli fiction, and in particular the works of S. Y. Agnon. Professor Laor's Winter quarter course (“Representations of the Holocaust in Hebrew/Israeli Literature”) was as Patinkin Professor through the Chicago Center for Jewish Studies, and the Spring course (“The Works of S.Y. Agnon”) is as Israel Studies Professor in the Divinity School in the area of Religion and Literature.

Select work

 On April 23 Professor Laor will be our guest at a Divinity School Wednesday Lunch.  For God's Sake, Who is Alterman? This question will be approached by Dan Laor, who will share his experience as the biographer of Nathan Alterman, long recognized as the national poet of modern Israel. Nathan Alterman, A Biography  (Hebrew), was published in November 2013. It has been on Israel's best-seller list for nonfiction for over three months.