A Call for Reckoning: Religion and the Death Penalty

January 25, 2002

Official website: www.pewforum.org/deathpenalty

This conference brought together scholars of various faiths and religious backgrounds from the fields of politics, religion, and law to take up a broad range of views on the death penalty. Conference participants included:

Hon. Antonin Scalia (Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court), Hon. Frank Keating (Governor of Oklahoma), Hon. Paul Simon (Southern Illinois University, and former U.S. Senator), Beth Wilkinson (Co-Chair, The Constitution Project's Death Penalty Initiative),Avery Cardinal Dulles S.J. (Fordham University), Jean Bethke Elshtain (University of Chicago Divinity School), Khaled Abou El Fadl (UCLA School of Law), David Novak (University of Toronto), Victor Anderson (Vanderbilt Divinity School), J. Budziszewski (University of Texas at Austin), E.J. Dionne Jr. (The Washington Post and The Brookings Institution), Gilbert Meilaender (Valparaiso University), and Richard Garnett (University of Notre Dame Law School).

An edited volume of conference papers will be published by Eerdmans in 2003. Please visit the conference web site www.pewforum.org/deathpenalty for more information.