Angie Heo

Assistant Professor of the Anthropology and Sociology of Religion




PhD (University of California at Berkeley)

Dr. Angie Heo is an anthropologist focusing on public and political cultures of religion, media, and economy.  Her geographic areas of research include the Arab Middle East and the African Mediterranean, Northeast Asia and the Asian Pacific Rim.  She is interested in the study of comparative and global Christianities in the modern world, with particular focus on Eastern Orthodox and Evangelical Protestant traditions.

Dr. Heo's first book (under review) examines holy images in Egypt to approach the social, religious and political dynamics of Coptic Orthodoxy.  Grounded in thirty months of fieldwork carried out over a momentous decade (2004-2014), her ethnography scrutinizes the visual technological mediation of church-state power and Christian-Muslim difference on an everyday basis.  Ultimately, her study tracks the materialities of imaginary practice to analyze the making of religion in public theaters of revolution, national-sectarianism and communal authoritarianism.  

Her second book project shifts gears to Evangelical South Korea to consider the confluence of late capitalist development and anti-communist ideology in Cold War Asia.  Of special interest are the transnational linkages between religious enterprise and political conservatism.  Dr. Heo is also nourishing broader interests in American and German Protestant mission history abroad, the emergence of 'third world' theologies and the role of religion in post-1965 US immigrant communities.

Previously Professor Heo offered courses at Barnard College and Emory University and was a Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen, Germany.



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