• Philosophy Walker (MA'14) in class.
  • Davey Tomlinson, Philosophy of Religions PhD student, in our quiet-study lounge.
  • MA student Rafia Khader in our study lounge.
  • Chime Lama, MA student, during office hours with Professor Christian Wedemeyer.
  • Professor Hans-Josef Klauck leads a discussion in “The Book of Acts.”
  • Professors David Tracy (emeritus) and Jean-Luc Marion.

Academic Life

Academic life at the Divinity School is rigorous, engaged, interdisciplinary, and dynamic.  It's conversations in the student lounge over coffee and it's multiday conferences with international scholars. It's one-on-one office hours and it's our salon-style Wednesday Lunch. Academic life here starts in Swift Hall, the heart of our campus, but extends throughout campus, the city, and the world. Academic life is the over 100 courses we offer every year; it's the University of Chicago Library, one of the largest and richest research collections in the world; it's the cultivation of new knowledge through research -- the ethos which animates all our programs.

Why Chicago?

Professor James T. Robinson discusses the appeal of Hyde Park's "bookish culture" and thoroughgoing spirit (and activity) of interdisciplinarity.

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